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Decorative Painting Finishes For Luxurious Spaces

Experts in Artistic Finishes for Walls, Ceilings, Domes & Architectural Elements.

We Also Create, Restore and Conserve Artworks, Murals, Frescoes & Mosaics

Painted & decorated Ceilings

At PMI we are masters crafters we work on wood, gesso, and all other materials to create and restore decorative and artistic Ceilings. Today is a good day to start on your project.

Gilding & Domes Painting

30 years experience in creating artworks in domes and ceilings and we work with all kinds of Genuine Gold leaves. 

Architectural Elements

At PMI we create Architectural details with various material such as wood, plaster or faux paintings. We also restore existing works with modern and traditional techniques to turn them back to its original condition.

Tromp L'oeil & Faux Finishes

PMI’s experts can create any Imitation of marble and stone that you can imagine, Such as Faux Paintings and Illusions Paintings.

Gilding - PMI by CHADY


Our team is skilled in gilding, we use Genuine Gold Leaves & Silver leaves for interior and exterior applications. 

eclectico by Mural by Chady

Mural Painting

PMI’s team Has created Hundreds of murals during the years, and now we want to create one for you! call us to show you the possibilities and to make your dream a reality.

Mosaic by CHADY


At PMI we create various types of mosaics such as Smalti, Natural Stone, and Ceramics. Ask about more options

Frida, Painting by CHADY Elias


Every space needs a touch of color. Our Artist has created artworks around the world for thousands of locations. Ask Painting Masters International about options.

Mercy Hospital, Sculpture by Chady ELias


We also create and restore sculptures made with various materials. Contact Painting Masters International for more details.

Architectural Decorative Finishes

We create Architectural Elements to be a unique piece or mass produced. Contact us to get more information.

Metallic Finishes

Metalic finishes are available in various colors and can be applied on varius materials

Other Wall Finishes

Our team creats the most wonderful works in the world, contact us to create your dream projects.